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Apple PowerMac G4 M5884 - Refurbished Laptop Apple

Aple Powerbook G4 - M5884

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Product Details

The PowerBook G4400 Titanium features a 400 MHz PowerPC 7410 G4 processor with the AltiVec Velocity Engine vector processing unit and 1 MB backside level 2 cache, 128 MB of PC100 SDRAM, a 10 GB Ultra ATA66 hard drive, a slot-loading 6X DVD-ROM drive, and ATI Rage Mobility 128 2X AGP graphics with 8 MB of SDRAM in a 1-inch thick Titanium case with a 15.2 TFT display 1152x768 native resolution. Custom configurations also were available. It also is worth noting that the PowerBook G4400 Titanium is much thinner than the PowerBook G3400 Firewire that it replaced, but lacks swappable drive bays.

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