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2 x Sonicwall Pro 2040 - Refurbished Firewall

**JOB LOT** 11 x SonicWall Firewalls Pro 2040 NSA240 TZ 215 NSA2400

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More information about this p2 x Sonicwall Pro 2040, Refurbished Firewall can be found below.

Product Details

**JOB LOT** 11 x SonicWall Firewalls as listed below.

All have been power tested and network tested - supplied with one power adaptor that fits the smaller firewalls

2 x SonicWall Pro 2040
4 x SonicWall NSA240
4 x SonicWall TZ 215
1 x SonicWall NSA2400

Best Price 2-x-Sonicwall-Pro-2040 - 142476 from CPR Computers

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