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Microboards QD-DVD-03 - Refurbished DVD Duplicator

Microboards QD-DVD - 03 DVD / CD Duplicator / Copier / Eraser System

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More information about this pMicroboards QD-DVD-03, Refurbished DVD Duplicator can be found below.

Product Details

The Microboards twin Disc DVD / CD Duplicator not only allows you to direct copy one DVD or CD to a Blank DVD or CD, but is also has the following functions.

1: Copy Discs
2: Test
3: Compare Discs
4: Test then Copy
5: Copy Then Compare
6: Burn Speed Select
7: Source Select
8: Erase Disc
9: Mix Audio Tracks
10: System Setup
11: Utilities menu
12 AutoCopy
13: Systemn Shutdown

The device can also take from an external source.

Small and compact at just 18cm High it can fit almost anywhere and doesn't need to be connected to a computer to work.

Fully tested it works quickly and quietly.

Supplied with Mains Cables for UK and Europe and USB External Cable.

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