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Promethean TDS AB60 - Refurbished Active Whiteboard

Promethean Activboard TDS AB60 UK1 169cm White Board 137cm x 99cm x 167cm (Grey)

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Product Details

Promethean 169cm Active White Board selling as Projection Screen.

These boards are designed to be hooked up to a computer and projector allowing the computer image to be projected onto the board which incorporates touch screen ability.

However, as these boards are software driven, we have been unable to test them beyond the basic power up and connectivity stage. This is to say that whilst they were removed fully working, we have been unable to retest.

The boards can also be used as high quality Video projection screens for watching Movies or TV as they poses fantastic properties for displaying projected images during all all lighting conditions.

Board Details:
Make: Promethean
Model: TDS AB60-UK1

Outer Dimensions:
141cm wide
105cm high
172cm diagonal

Inner Dimensions:
137cm wide
99cm high
169cm diagonal

The board as you can see comes with fitted fixing plates wall panel not provided. To use as an Active Board you will also need the mains and USB connections.

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