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Rextron VSA 12 Video Splitter - Refurbished KVM Switch

Rextron RX-VSA12 2-port video splitter 1 Computer to 2 Monitors

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Product Details

Rextron RX-VSA12 2-port video splitter 350Mhz High grade 1x Computer to 2 Monitors S-VGA Monitor splitter RX-VSA12 Powered by UK mains adaptor supplied.


The VSA 350Mhz range video splitters are designed for desktop use and supplied in a durable, compact metal housing. These products are independent of software and, other than cables and monitors, no additional hardware is required. VGA Monitor splitter & SVGA Monitor splitter. Only the higher quality splitters duplicate and boost the input signal to the best performance to 2 VGA, SVGA or multi-sync monitors with a signal rate of 350MHz., Using lower performance will not produce such goods results. Application These video splitters can be used for:
Monitor testing & burn-in
Business meetings
Trade shows
This product always requires a Video feed cable from the Computer Video Card source to the Video Input of the Splitter. See compatible product Part No. KVMC-SVGAMF-02


Compatible for use with VGA, SVGA & multi-sync monitors

Duplicate one signal input to multiple outputs

Ability to be cascaded , increasing the total number of video outputs

Effective transmission distance: 65m210ft

Automatic power-save when signal is lost

Clear images

Rextron RX-VSA12 2-port video splitter set up


Number of outputs: 2

Signal bandwidth: 350MHz
Max Resolution upto 2048x 1536
Signal type: VGA, SVGA or multi-sync

Cable length: 65m210ft max with UL-2919 rated VGA cables

Input connector: 1 x HD15 male

Ouput connector: 248 x HD15 female

Enclosure: metal

Weight: 400428720g

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