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HP ProBook 4520s - Refurbished Laptop PC

HP ProBook 4520s Laptop, CORE i3, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD, HDMi, WiFi, Windows 10


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Product Details

These HP laptops are in really good condition and work well. They would be perfect for home or office use or anyone who wanted robust computing on the move from a lightweight, good looking slim laptop. This model however since upgraded to Windows 10 does not shutdown completely but only goes into sleep mode when the lid is closed. Still, as a good quality steady starter or Childrens Laptop you cannot buy better. If this worries you, can can always use the factiry partition to restore the laptop to Windows 7.

They are supplied with a genuine HP Battery Charger and a good quality HP battery. All batteries have been fully tested and rated for health and the ones supplied with these HP Laptops are rated at 84% health. (please see details regarding battery health below)

The laptops have been freshly updated from the HP Factory partition with Windows 10 Pro 64bit 2019 version and have been licensed and registered. They also feature LAN Internet, Built in WiFi, DVD Recorder, HDMi High Definition Audio and Video outputs for connecting to large screen TV's and have USB 2.0 slots.

Computer Specifications
Operating System Windows10 Pro 64bit 2019
Software Windows Security
HP Factory Loaded Software
Motherboard HP1413
Processor Intel CORE i3 - 380m Processor @ 2.53GHz (per core)
Hard Drive 320GB SATA II Hard Disc Drive
RAM Memory 3.00GB FAST DDR3 RAM (which can be increased)
Optical Drive DVD / CD re-writer (DVD +RW / CD -RW)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics at 1366x768 Resolution on a 15.6'' Screen. HDMi and VGA Outputs
Audio High Definition Audio (from internal speakers)
Network Connectivity Wired LAN Internet and Built In WiFi
USB Multiple USB Sockets
Comes With
Mains Adapter / Battery Charger & Battery

These really are great laptops which will be perfect for surfing the web or running basic programs. The Battery's are in reasonable condition.

General Condition:
These machines are in excellent general condition but there are a few marks to the lid and only a tiny bit of wear to the keyboards. A software issue with Windows 10 means that this laptop will not shutdown fully. Instead, when closing the lid, it will go into sleep mode. This is a common problem with HP laptops and Windows 10. It doesn't affect the laptop when on and working though but will wear the battery faster than normal.

Battery Condition:
Battery life can vary depending on how the laptop is used. A laptop will always use more power playing a DVD or running a game than it does just surfing the internet or answering emails. To this end, it is impossible to be exact on battery condition and life. However, in order to help, we have not only checked each battery with professional software but we test and grade batteries for laptops by real life use in that once fully refurbished, all laptops are specification checked (which in volves running software on the machcine for about 20 minutes. They are then checked for online speed for aproximately 5 minutes. Finally, browsing history and testing files are removed by means of other software. At this point, the batter percentage is checked and noted above with our opinion of the battery. Hopefully, this will give you a good guide to the condition. Should you then wish to purchase a new battery, in most cases these are very cheap and so this can be done for extra life.

Before we dispatch any PC:
Safety and security is important to us and so before any computer is dispatched we will have completely cleansed all sectors of the hard drive including previous boot sectors thus eliminating any previously installed software. Following this, every computer is scanned at a deep level for all know viruses including spyware and adware. Then and only then, will a PC be reloaded with the appropriate operating system and refurbished ready for sale.

Fully Tested:
Once a machine has been refurbished by us, they go through rigorous testing to ensure that there are no hidden problems. As such, whilst we are unable to offer any guarantee, we are 100% confident that the Computers we sell are of excellent quality and reliability and all work perfectly when dispatched.

What's included in your purchase:
HP ProBook 4520s Laptop
HP Mains Adapter / Battery Charger
Battery (Rated above 80% Health)

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