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Dell Optiplex 9020 - Refurbished Desktop Tower PC

Dell Optiplex 9020 - Intel CORE i7, 4th Gen, 4GB RAM, SSD & HDD, Windows 10


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More information about this Dell Optiplex 9020, Refurbished Desktop Tower PC can be found below.

Product Details

These amazing Dell Optiplex 59020 Desktop Computers come complete with Windows 10 Pro, (Latest edition May '19) an Intel CORE i7, 4th Generation QUAD CORE Processor, 4GB DDR3 FAST RAM (which can easily be ugraded) a 64GB SSD Boot Drive plus 1Terabyte (1000GB Hard Drive). DVD recorder, multiple USB 2.0 Sockets and tripple graphics outputs through 2 x Display Port and 1 x VGA.

These Computers are in great working order and have been setup ready to go right out of the box and they are fast! (There are a couple of issues though hence the price. Please see condition below)

They run really quickly both with the installed software or online though the built RJ45 LAN Internet connection. They can easily be upgraded to WiFi so are really versatile machines and look really great.

Supplied with Windows Security and Microsoft Office 365 Trial Productivity Suite including Word Processor, and Google Chrome these machines represent fantastic value for money.

Computer Specifications
Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Software Microsoft Edge Web Browser
Google Chrome
Windows Security
Microsoft Office 365 Trial Productivity Suite
Motherboard Dell ON4YC8 Motherboard
Processor Intel CORE i7 - 4790 QUAD CORE Processor @ 3.60GHz (per core)
Hard Drive 64GB SSD plus 1 Terabyte (1000GB) Fast SATA II Smart Hard Drive
RAM Memory 4.00GB DDR3 RAM (Easily Upgraded)
Optical Drive DVD / CD re-writer (DVD +RW / CD -RW)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics with 2 x Display Port and 1 x VGA Outputs
Audio Realtek HD (Through Internal Speakers)
Network Connectivity Wired LAN Internet (Can be upgraded to WiFi)
USB Multiple USB Sockets (including 4 x Front and 5 Rear)
Comes With
UK Power Cable

Overall, these are great Computers and an absolute bargain and fully backed by CPR's Refurbisher guarantee.

There are some very slight marks on the fascia/case but generally are in superb condition. There are however a couple of faults hence the really low price.
1: The clicp on the CMOS Battery has previously broken off. Someone (not us) has glue tacked the battery back in which seems to work OK but obviously, the cannot be guarenteed.
2: Only 2 of the RAM Slots work (2 & 4)
Whilst neither of these issues stops the machine from running really well and being very stable, they obviously need to be pointed out.
The pictures shown are of the actual machine.

Loaded Software:
At CPR we don't beleive in loading loads of software onto a new laptop (AKA Bloatware). Instead, other than the operating system, all we install is a new version of the Google Chrome web browser. Office 365 Trial is a link to a clean download directly from Microsoft and can be installed if required.

Before we dispatch any PC:
Safety and security is important to us and so before any computer is dispatched we will have completely cleansed all sectors of the hard drive including previous boot sectors thus eliminating any previously installed software. Following this, every computer is scanned at a deep level for all know viruses including spyware and adware. Then and only then, will a PC be reloaded with the appropriate operating system and refurbished ready for sale.

Fully Tested:
Once a machine has been refurbished by us, they go through rigorous testing to ensure that there are no hidden problems. As such, whilst we are unable to offer a formal guarantee, we are 100% confident that the Computers we sell are of excellent quality and reliability and all work perfectly when dispatched.

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