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CPR Computers also sell in Bulk Job Lots of Untested, Fully Tested or Refurbished and partly Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Mobile Phones and Printers. If you are interested in buying from us in bulk, please use the link below to register and let us know your requirements. All component sales are managed through RPC Components

The details of all bulk Job Lots that you have expressed an interest in get emailed to you as they become available and you get the opportunity to make an offer for the items as described. If your offer is accepted, simply make payment and arrange collection or request delivery as required.

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To register as a bulk / trade buyer, please complete our trade application form.

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Once registered, you can view and make offers for any of our stock when buying in bulk. View our stock list here


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Buying Refurbished Computers Helps UK Charity

Did You Know?

As CPR Computers is a Non Profit Organisation, 100% of all profits from orders placed with us goes to UK Charity.

CPR Computers was set up purley to benefit UK Charity with donations from refurbished computers that we sold. However, in 2017, CPR Computers became a 'Non Profit' Organisation and so now, 100% of all profits are donated to UK Charity.

Now isn't that refreshing?

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