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Buying Refurbished Computers Helps UK Charity

Did You Know?

As CPR Computers is a Non Profit Organisation, 100% of all profits from orders placed with us goes to UK Charity.

CPR Computers was set up purely to benefit UK Charity with donations from refurbished computers that we sold. However, in 2017, CPR Computers became a 'Non Profit' Organisation and so now, 100% of all profits are donated to UK Charity.

Now isn't that refreshing?

Where Do Profits Go

Profits Go To UK Charity

Specifically, we are currently donating profits from sales of refurbished computer equipment to St Catherines Hospice.

Over the last few years alone we have donated 10's or Thousands of pounds to this fantastic cause.

St Catherines Hospice give much needed support to both End Of Life cancer and very importantly, their families and loved ones too.

Giving profits, direct to the 'coal face' to St Catherines Hospice means that the charity gets 100% of the money we donate to them each year.

CPR Computers are proud to be able to give to this amazing cause.

Give Direct

You can give direct or Support CPR

By sending your old computer equipment to CPR Computer Recycling, you are directly supporting this amazing cause. However, if you would prefer to donate direct to them, you can do so via CPR Just Giving Page

Thank you for your support.

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