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Company - About CPR Computer Recycling

Stop Old Computers Going To Landfill CPR Refurbished Computers (CPR Computer Recycling) is a 'Non Profit' Organisation based in the UK and refurbishing quality Computers whilst donating profits to UK Charity

In 2014 A small team of individuals decided they wanted to give back into the community by supporting small, local charities. Landfill was also a big beef of one of the current directors and so given the IT background of the members, CPR Computer Recycling was established.

The business model was pretty simple. Recover both computer equipment and consumer electronics such as Desktop Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Televisions and any other consumer electronic items that were on the way to landfill, strip them down, recover the working parts and turn them into saleable products. When sold, a percentage of all sales would go directly to UK Charity.

More To Charity

Rebuild and Refurbish Old Computers However, late in 2016 having established a group of regular clients, CPR wanted to give more to Good Causes and UK Charity and so expanded the business into a 'Non Profit' Corporation in the name of CPR Computers LTD.

The whole idea of this was so that 'all' profits from the sale of Refurbished Computers, Refurished Laptops, Monitors, Servers, Mobile Phones and all other refurbished goods could then be donated to UK Charity.

Now, 100% of profits are being donated to UK Charity from all the refurbished computer equipment that we repair and build.

It was also decided that because we wanted more to go to Charity, that the Organisation shouldn't be spending money of flash premises and equipment and so, we also rely on donations for our storage facility and workshops where all this equipment is stored and refurbished.

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