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GDPR Compliant Data Destruction

Fully GDPR Compliant Data Destruction services registered with the UK ICO

GDPR Compliant Data Destruction


Nationwide Collection Service

Operating throughout the UK offering FREE computer recycling collections.

Free Computer Recycling Service Nationwide


Tracked Computer Collection Vehcles

All our vehicles are unmarked and tracked for better security.

Tracked Computer Recycling Collections


UK Based Computer Refurbishing

All IT equipment is processed and refurbished in the UK at our Surrey Headquarters

Refurbished Computers, Laptops, Monitors and Phones


Free Computer Recycling

CPR - Computer Equipment Recycling offer a FREE and unique way for your business to comply with WEEE Directives and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The retirement of your old computers, monitors and other telecoms and IT equipment is now easier than ever before. CPR Computer equipment recycling is easy the CPR way as we restore every single computer to it's former glory. Then, we put it back into service as fully refurbished computer equipment for business and personal use. Best of all, we collect all your old computer equipment for Free. Then, we donate profits from all retail sales to UK Charity.

No more worries about WEEE certificates and record keeping when getting rid of your old IT equipment. Why, Because CPR Computer Recycling do not send anything to landfill. Now that's how to Recycle Old Computers!

Our service is not restricted to just businesses either as individuals can use our drop off service but for all organisations, collections are completely free of charge.

We accept pretty much any computer or telecoms equipment. Making it a working product once again we then stop any of your old equipment going to landfill. Need more information? then check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Desktop Computers RecyclingDesktop Computers
Thin Client Terminals RecyclingThin Client Terminals
Computer Monitors RecyclingComputer Monitors
Laptops and Netbooks RecyclingLaptops and Netbooks
Servers RecyclingServers
Tablets RecyclingTablets
Mobile and Smart Phones RecyclingMobile and Smart Phones
Office Telephones RecyclingOffice Telephones
Printers RecyclingPrinters
Projectors RecyclingProjectors
Amplifiers and Speakers RecyclingAmplifiers and Speakers
Network Hubs, Switches and Firewalls RecyclingNetwork Hubs, Switches and Firewalls
Televisions and Display Panels RecyclingTelevisions and Display Panels
Cables, chargers and adapters RecyclingCables, chargers and adapters

We provide you with all the regulatory documentation you need and track and trace every piece of computer equipment from collection to re-sale and as an ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) registered company, you know that all data will be destroyed in line with the DPA / GDPR.

Recycle Computers Near Me

We will collect and remove any old IT equipment completely free of charge and provide you with our CPR Computer Collections document showing that we have taken responsibility for all the equipment and detail how CPR will deal with all your equipment. Our Recycle Computers Near Me Policy ensures that wherever you are, you can use CPR Computer Recycling. So why not Contact Us Today and take advantage of our FREE next day Computer Recycling and PC Disposal Service.

CPR guarantee to Recycle your old, redundent computer equipment, Printers, Monitors, Servers and Telecoms equipment and bring it back to working condition where it will be sold back into the market for business or personal use. So why not book our services today and do the right thing by the environment.

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