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The WEEE Directive

The WEEE directive was set up to prevent electrical and electronic equipment being sent to land fill or being disposed of irresponsibly and as this is now law, you, as a Business, are no longer allowed to just 'Throw Away' your redundant computer and IT equipment.

CPR Computer Recycling services not only meet but exceed all required areas of compliance of the WEEE directive of 2014 because we simply do not dispose of anything as everything is re-used and so all you now need to do is just give us a call, or use the online booking form, and CPR Computer Recycling will take care of everything for you.

At CPR computer recycling, 100% of equipment collected from you is repaired and fully refurbished then sold back into the market as working computers, printers, monitors, hard drives and telecoms equipment and so absolutely nothing gets thrown away. Now that's the way to recycling computers!

Best of all, this service is absolutely
Computer RecyclingFree to all UK based business.
IT RecyclingFree Computer and IT Recycling for all UK Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Desk Top Computer RecyclingFree Computer and IT Recycling for local Councils and Government bodies.

We are also fully compliant with GDPR or dealing with the destruction of digital data of any kind stored on media such as hard drives, NAS Drives and CD's.

If you would like copies or our policies regarding the WEEE Directive or our GDPR Policy, please contact us via our contacts page.

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