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Laptop Computer Recycling

If you have decided to get a new laptop computer and are wanting to recycle your old laptop, you should follow our best practices guide below so as to ensure that any private data is kept private prior to sending your laptop to CPR Computer Recycling

Pictures and Documents Stored On Your Laptop

Even though you have copied all your pictures and documents onto your new laptop, your old laptop that you are about to send for recycling, may still have traces of this information on the hard drive. In My Documents or in the recycle bin. Be sure to check all these areas and delete all your private data before sending your laptop for recycling.

Cookies and Browsing History

Aside from deleting all your pictures and documents because of the way that laptops work, your browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc, will have allowed certain information to stay on your laptop even after you have copied all your pictures and documents to your new laptop. Browsing history, cookies and other information retained by these browsers can reveal important information about you so it is importanmt to clear this data befor recycling your laptop. There are many ways to do this but by far the best option is to get hold of a free copy of CCleaner After installation, this softare will clear all the cookies and browsing history from your old laptop in one go.

Uninstall Software

If you have installed 3rd party software on your laptop, you should uninstall this before sending it for recycling. Some software holds onto your passwords or other private information about you and so even if you are not sure, from your control panel, using programs and features, uninstall all 3rd party programs from your laptop.

Wipe Free Space on your Laptop

Many people think that because a computer has free space that there is no data on that part of the disc. This sadley isn't entirely true. So, now that you have a copy of CCleaner, you should wipe all free space on your C drive.

Recycle Laptops with CPR

Of course if you are not sure what you are doing, you can rely on CPR Computer and Laptop Recycling to do all of the above and more for you. There is no charge to clean up your entire laptop and infact, even if you have carried out all the recommendations above, we shall go through them all anyway when we receive your laptop for recycling.

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