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Computer Recycling For Schools

Schools, Colleges and Universitys throughout the UK must, like all others, comply with the WEEE directive. This is with regard to the disposal of old redundant computer equipment, monitors, hard drives, laptops, printers and servers. Gone have the days when you could just put them in the waste bin. Now you must have proof that you have disposed of them in an environmentally friendly way. That's where CPR Computer Recycling can help.

Helping Schools Recycling Old Computers

With many recycling companies, schools, colleges and university are charged for the collection and disposal of their old computer equipment but if you use CPR, that will be a thing of the past. We collect and deal with all your old Computer and IT equipment completely free of charge. You simply complete the online booking form and await a call from CPR Computer Recycling.

How are School Recycling Collections Arranged

After you have completed our online collection booking, a CPR representative will contact you in order to verify the computer equipment that you would like us to collect for recycling. From there, a collection is made on the agreed day, in or out of school hours. You are supplied with collection manifests detailing all equipment collected and all equipment is removed from site.

What Happens To Our Old School Computers

CPR then transport all your old computer equipment for recycling from your school or college back to our base in Surrey. Once there, every item is graded then logged onto our database. Once complete, you are emailed a report for your records which can also be viewed online at any time via the URL we send you. The live system details all the equipment collected for recycling and provides clear traceability showing what has happened to every piece from there. The portal even displays your data destruction certificates for each and every computer, laptop or any other data bearing media found.

Is this Computer Recycling Service Really Free

Yes it is. We do not charge you a single penny to collect and deal with all your old computer equipment. Instead, we recycle and refurbish 100% of what we have collected before selling it back into the market for business and personal use.

So you should Contact Us today and arrange a FREE collection of your old Computer Equipment or just use the Online Booking form.

CPR Computer Recycling for Schools help you meet all your environmental targets by ensuring that 100% of all electronic equipment collected gets fully refurbished before being sold back to consumers within the UK. We are proud to be able to offer this service and fully conform to all WEEE Directives, GDPR and all UK legislation.

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