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Computer Recycling For Charity

CPR Computer Recycling are pleased to help worthwhile charities by donating profits from the sale of all computers, printers, monitors and other I.T. equipment sold. Our chosen charity is currently St Catherine's Hospice who provide support both in the community as well as at their hospice for Cancer sufferers.

How Does This Charity Scheme Work

Put simply, all you need to do is contact CPR Computer Recycling and arrange collection of your old computer equipment. Everything we collect will be logged as a charity donation machine. Then, each financial year, a percentage of the entire company profits are donated directly to St Catherine's Hospice.

Will all the money be Donated

Absolutely 100%. No admin fees, no processing fees. Just plain and simple, 100% of the money set aside from our profits will be donated directly to St Catherine's Hospice.

How Can I Help

So you should Contact Us today and arrange a FREE collection of your old Computer Equipment or just use the Online Booking form.

I Would Like To Do More!

Thank you. Helping us help UK Charity is really appreciated. In order to help us recycle computers for charity why don't you Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. Better still, if you have a website, place a link to this or our home page at https://www.cprcomputerrecycling.co.uk/ - Thank you for your support.

CPR Computer Recycling for Charities will also help you meet all your environmental targets by ensuring that 100% of all electronic equipment collected gets fully refurbished before being sold back to consumers within the UK. We are proud to be able to offer this service and fully conform to all WEEE Directives and UK legislation. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commisioners Office) and our service is fully insured.

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Why We Changed How We Donate To UK Charities

In the early days of CPR Computer Recycling, we used to donate 100% of the profits from all 'Retail Sales' to UK Charities. These Charities included St Catherine's Hospice, Chestnut Tree House, Crawley Open House as well as many others.

Over time, our business shifted more and more away from retail sales to trade and wholesale. This meant that less money was being donated each year. - Not what the company set out to do.

So, in 2019, the policy was changed so that our chosen charity for the year benefited from all profits made by CPR Computer Recycling.

This meant, that after operating costs and taxes were accounted for, CPR would be able to donate a large proportion of all profits to UK Charities.

Since we did this in 2019, despite profits over the next two years being impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, CPR Computer Recycling more than doubled the anual donations to our chosen charity over the previous year and have continued to do so every year since.

Now isn't that refreshing?

CPR Is A Not For Profit Organisation

So what happens to the rest of the money you ask.

Well, as a Not For Profit Organisation, it certainly doesn't get spent on Comapny Cars and big bonuses that is for sure!

Whilst we donate as much as we can to UK Charity each year, our business is also heavily focused on sustainability.

CPR Computer Recycling, our parent company and other subsideries within the group commited to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2022. There is no point keeping all this harmful redundant comuter equipment out of landfill if we polute the environment in other ways in the process right?

So, we also use some profits investing in low or zero emission vehicles, low energy lighting installations for our warehouses and offices and by supporting carbon neutral organisations fight Global Warming.

In December 2022 through this continued investment, we acheived our goal.

By doing this, we help guarantee our future so that we can continue donating to UK Charity for many more years to come.