Computer Recycling For Charity

Computer Recycling For Charity
Recycling for Charity

CPR Computer Recycling are pleased to help worthwhile charities by donating a percentage of sales from all computers, printers, monitors etc sold. Our chosen charity is currently St Catherine's Hospice who provide support both in the community as well as at their hospice for Cancer sufferers.

How Does This Charity Scheme Work

Put simply, all you need to do is contact CPR Computer Recycling and arrange collection of your old computer equipment. Everything we collect and sell will be logged as a charity donation machine. Once sold, 10% of the total sales value will be donated directly to St Catherine's Hospice.

Will the Full 10% be Donated

Absolutely 100%. No admin fees, no processing fees. Just plain and simple, 10% of every piece of equipment we sell will be donated directly to St Catherine's Hospice each and every month.

How Can I Help

So you should Contact Us today and arrange a FREE collection of your old Computer Equipment or just use the Online Booking form.

I Would Like To Do More!

Thank you. Helping us help UK Charity is really appreciated. In order to help us recycle computers for charity why don't you Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. Better still, if you have a website, place a link to this or our home page at - Thank you for your support.

CPR Computer Recycling for Charities help you meet all your environmental targets by ensuring that 100% of all electronic equipment collected gets fully refurbished before being sold back to consumers within the UK. We are proud to be able to offer this service and fully conform to all WEEE Directives and UK legislation.

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