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Computer Recycling For Business

Businesses throughout the UK must, like all others, comply with the WEEE directive. This is with regard to the disposal of old redundant computer equipment from your businesss or office. Gone have the days when you could just put them in the waste bin. Now you must have proof that you have been disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. That's where CPR Computer Recycling can help.

Helping Business Recycling Old Office Computers

Just one quick phone call to CPR Computer Recycling and we are on our way. Collecting your old Computers, Printers, Monitors, Projectors, NAS Drives and Tablets can happen within just one business day and our Nationwide Collection Service is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

How it all works

Just tell us approximately how many computers you want us to take. How many printers, monitors NAS Drives you have that are now ready for recycling. We then agree with you a collection date and time which is normally within 48 hours and can be arranged for in or out of office hours. Once on site, we make an inventory of all your computers before loading them up for their journey back to our recycling and refurbishment unit.

What Happens To Our Old Office Computers

CPR then transport all your old computer equipment for recycling from your business back to one of our bases. There, each piece of equipment is assessed and categorised. Hard drives are wiped in accordance with the Data Protection Act before being fully refurbished and prepared for sale

Charity Donations From Your Office Computers

Once sold, CPR Computer Recycling calculate the total revenue earned and donate a chunck of it to our designated Charity. At The moment, this is St Catherine's Hospice. We are not a non profit organisation but so much is donated that we may as well be however, providing we cover our costs, everyone is happy as you get your old IT equipment removed FREE OF CHARGE, we keep people happy and in work at our recycling and refurbishment unit and worth while charities benefit from cash donations every month.

So you should Contact Us today and arrange a FREE collection of your old Computer Equipment or just use the Online Booking form.

CPR Computer Recycling for Business help you meet all your environmental targets by ensuring that 100% of all electronic equipment collected gets fully refurbished before being sold back to consumers throughout the UK. We are proud to be able to offer this service and fully conform to all WEEE Directives and UK legislation.

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