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Computer Recycling Kent

Computer Recycling Kent. CPR Computer and IT equipment recycling offer FREE collections in Kent for all Businesses and Schools. Our free next day computer recycling collection service in Kent, Sussex and Surrey requires no minimum quantity.

Next Day collections for our Computer Recycling Kent service are free for all computer equipment including telephones, printers, monitors and the computers from all businesses and schools.

What Happens To This Equipment

Following the initial testing, all computer equipment collected for recycling is graded, cleaned and fully refurbished prior to being sold with money raised being donated to UK Charity.

All computer hard drives are wiped through in a 3 stage sanitising program so as to ensure that any data is permanently removed before being re-loaded with original operating systems. NAS drives and other storage devices are completely re-formatted prior to re-sale.

Let's Reduce Carbon Footprints Together

Our Kent Computer Recycling service helps your business or School meet it's environmental targets by providing a safe and environmentally friendly way of recycling your old computer equipment at no cost to you.

At our Computer Recycling base all computers, printers, monitors, servers and hard drives are proffessionally stripped down and refurbished so that they can be sold back into the system as fully working machines thus creating the most environmentally friendly way of recycling your old computer equipment.

At CPR Computer Recycling, we gently bring all old computer and IT equipment back to life again including:-
Desktop Computers RecyclingDesktop Computers
Thin Client Terminals RecyclingThin Client Terminals
Computer Monitors RecyclingComputer Monitors
Laptops and Netbooks RecyclingLaptops and Netbooks
Servers RecyclingServers
Tablets RecyclingTablets
Mobile and Smart Phones RecyclingMobile and Smart Phones
Printers RecyclingPrinters
Projectors RecyclingProjectors
Amplifiers and Speakers RecyclingAmplifiers and Speakers
Network Hubs, Switches and Firewalls RecyclingNetwork Hubs, Switches and Firewalls
Televisions and Display Panels RecyclingTelevisions and Display Panels
Cables, chargers and adapters RecyclingCables, chargers and adapters

Free Collection and Data-Wiping In Kent

We will collect and remove any old IT equipment completely free of charge and provide you with our CPR recycling document detailing that we have taken responsibility for all the equipment so Why Not Contact Us Today and take advantage of our FREE next day Computer Recycling Kent collection service.

You can Contact Us today and arrange a FREE collection of your old and outdated computer equipment or just use the Online Booking form.

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